Revived and Tech-Ready: A New Blog Era Begins!

Revived and Tech-Ready: A New Blog Era Begins!

Hey there, everyone!

I've hit refresh on my blog, clearing out the cobwebs of a site stuck in 2014! For those familiar with my old space, it's time for a brand-new journey. This blog remains dedicated to Microsoft technologies – delving deep into the realms of .NET and Azure.

Why the reboot? It's simple. My burning desire lies in sharing. I'm passionate about unraveling the intricacies of my daily tech encounters, the problems I solve, and the knowledge I gather. And when it comes to crafting articles, HashCode has become my trusty companion, speeding up the process compared to WordPress.

One significant change – while the previous blog was in French, this time, it's all about English. Here's to a new language and a fresh tech adventure!

Let's dive in together!

PS: Don't hesitate to join me on this journey. Let's dive in together!